All people, of any faith or none, are welcome in our Meetings – An opportunity to find a shared stillness, prompting the leadings of love and truth in our hearts

We welcome you both in person at the meeting house and on Zoom. At the meeting house, mask-wearing (against COVID-19) is optional but we ask you not to attend in person if you think you may be infectious. To join remotely via the Zoom app, contact us for the link.

At the meeting house

When you arrive you will be welcomed by a member of the Meeting who will show you to the meeting room. If you are new to Quakers we invite you to read our introductory leaflet downloadable here.

Please feel free to sit anywhere in the room. The chairs are arranged in a circle and spaced at about 1m separation. Friends joining on Zoom are on a screen that forms part of the circle.

The meeting room is tranquil and calm. There is no altar or any religious symbols. Spontaneous spoken ministry may be given by anyone present. We are encouraged to stand when ministering. A period of stillness follows ministry to enable reflection. A Meeting may occasionally be entirely silent.

On Zoom

On Zoom, before the Meeting starts, everyone present will be asked to mute their computers. The meeting room will appear in its own Zoom window.

As at the meeting house, anyone may give spoken ministry if they feel moved to do so. To do this, please unmute yourself, say your name, and then speak to minister. When you have finished, please mute your computer again.

At the end of the Meeting

The worship lasts for about an hour (half-an-hour on Thursday) and is brought to a close by an Elder. Before notices, visitors will be asked if they wish to introduce themselves, but there is absolutely no compulsion to do so.

There is then an opportunity to chat informally over refreshments and similarly in breakout groups on Zoom.

People will be happy to answer anything you care to ask about Quakers or Quakerism. There is a good selection of Quaker books and pamphlets to browse in our library. We have a visitors book that you are welcome to sign, but we will not contact you again unless you give us permission to do so.

Children and young people

When children and young people are present, they tend to join us for the last 10 mins of Meeting having undertaken their own activity earlier. It is a great joy when the children join us.

Occasionally we set aside our traditional method of worship and prepare a more programmed Meeting for Worship. This works very well for all ages and brings the children into the heart of the Meeting. All Age Worship may include drawing, crafting, either individually or collectively, maybe a story, poem or reading, and possibly some singing. It is a time when we can spend the whole Meeting together, deepening our spirituality in new and sometimes surprising ways.


Quakers in Britain has a robust Safeguarding policy for both children and adults, which New Earswick Quaker Meeting abides by. We have safeguarding officers for both children and adults whom you should contact in the first instance should you have any concerns.

We look forward to welcoming you to New Earswick Quaker Meeting